theme introduction


The theme, “ARC.CLIMATION” is derived from the combination of ARCHITECTURE and ACCLIMATION. “Acclimation” is defined as “to adjust to something new” – which perfectly encapsulates the current situation; especially in the architecture education sector and building industry.


The art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones


The process or result of becoming accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions



The practice of designing and building structure by being accustomed to the new



As a result, these simple definitions and ideas then took rise to the theme for PAASWE 2021, titled ARC.CLIMATION. It concentrates on highlighting the adjustments and considerations made to the new conditions that are shifting our daily lives and what we were accustomed to, as well as its impact on the community, economy, architectural practice, architectural education and construction industry. Without a doubt, Architecture plays an important role in the process of acclimating to this global pandemic. For almost two years now, the pandemic has changed our ways of life and has
immobilized us from traditionally organizing the PAM Annual Architecture Student Works Exhibition (PAASWE) each year at One Utama. It’s a chance for us to embrace the circumstances and adjust ourselves to them. Therefore, this year you will witness a new type of PAASWE as it will now acclimate and be completely implemented virtually!


The theme will be interconnected with these keywords;

Cause, Effect and Impact
Process and Techniques
Response to Change

Impact on People / Culture / Community

Human Behavior