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Ms Delliya Mohd Zain

The idea of shifting PAM Annual Architecture Student Works Exhibition 2021 totally online is a huge transformation for all of us. Traditionally we would conduct this event physically at One Utama and students will get the experience to build and showcase their one-to-one structures in a public realm. However, with the current pandemic, that is not possible for now and we must “acclimatize” to these conditions. 
Malaysia has an active and vibrant architecture students’ community, and this must continue may it be virtually. The new virtual PAASWE 2021 is determined to continue the tradition and to meet the original aims and objectives of the event as much as possible. I know for certain that this virtual event will never have the same impact as the traditional physical exhibition, but it will be enough to keep the architecture spirit going and hopefully inspire the architecture students. 
The theme ARC.CLIMATION is an interpretation of how PAASWE 2021 is adapting to this new normal. As the second time PAASWE convener and the first convener to organize this event virtually, I wish you will try to acclimate to this new virtual PAASWE. Have fun!

P/S A big, huge THANK YOU to my "secret weapons" who has dedicated their time and energy to make this a success. Arina, Azeera, Daphne, Ewan & Gwen from Taylor’s University – Could not have done this without these amazing people!

Ts Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Kadir

PAASWE which started in 2007 has grown into a much-anticipated annual event especially for architecture students throughout Malaysia. I was lucky to be able to participate in the first PAASWE through the participation of UTMKL as an accompanying lecturer. From year to year, I have seen many changes take place at this event. PAASWE initially focused on exhibiting student work to the public without any specific requirements on booth design has gradually changed to a more creative exhibition event where each IPT not only has to showcase the best work but also must produce themed booth design using materials from sponsor. But since the current pandemic arrived in Malaysia early 2020, PAASWE 2020 had to be canceled. With the need for new norms for each of our daily activities and to continue the tradition of PAASWE then it is time to acclimatize a new format. As a co-convener, we hope that PAASWE 2021 themed 'ARC-CLIMATION' the 1st Online Version, can provide a different experience of how every IPT architecture student who participates or not, display, compete, interact, and benefit from this event. Enjoy!

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//our objectives

The objectives of this new online PAASWE are;

a.Public awareness on the process of educating an Architect,

b.Public information of Architecture as a respectable career,

c.Exposure of the Architecture schools in Malaysia and their products, and

d.Exposure of architecture students to the public*virtually

//our aims

ARC_CL1_M4_T10N aims to:


a.Cultivate the idea of acclimatizing into these new living conditions that are impacting us in all aspects of life, especially in architecture and education because of the pandemic.

b.Include and highlight students' talent and works from all subjects that have not been shared in the previous PAASWE through new designed competitions.

c.Promote the usage of digital platforms, software's and applications to showcase the students works and their learning experience.

// meet our team

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